Our solution

We are developing a blood analysis platform for emergency and intensive care medicine. The heart of our solution is a novel, optical and AI-based sensor for unmatched robustness and reliability.

Our first product, mobox, is a compact and lightweight mobile blood analyzer for emergency medical services. There, mobox enables the fast and reliable determination of important blood parameters directly at the scene of an emergency, providing emergency medical services with the information they need to make life-saving decisions at an early stage.

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Our mission

Our goal is to push the limits of optical blood analysis. We are convinced that the combination of optical sensors and AI-based algorithms will pave the way for many more applications and parameters. Our patent-pending solution already enables the reliable determination of important blood parameters. In addition, our technology can also be used for continuous monitoring of blood parameters, for example in a heart-lung machine and in other applications.

Our team

We are an experienced team in the field of optical and AI-based blood analysis. Our team members have worked for many years on the development of optical methods for the determination of blood parameters, have been responsible for company start-ups and have gained experience in the fields of chemistry and mechanical engineering. In addition, we are supported by emergency physicians in leading positions who are part of our medical advisory board.

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Value proposal


Robust and reliable

Operation from -20 to 50 °C

Blood drop

Small sample volume

Less than 20 µL blood required


Precise and fast

First results within 30 s¹

¹Time elapsed since the sample was applied to the testchip.


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